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about us

Abbarci Group

Abbarci Holding is a leading group in the private sector in Sudan. It includes several companies specialized in various fields, such as transport, trade, petroleum, engineering, agriculture, and manufacturing, since its establishment in 1972.

The company plays an essential and significant role in stimulating the growth of investment projects in Sudan by developing its constituent companies and building networks that allow it to identify suitable investment opportunities.

Ownership and Legal Rights:

Abbarci Group of companies is a family business owned by Mr. Ali Mohamed El Hassan Abbarci and his sons. More than 90% of the shares were  held by Chairman Mr. All Mohamed El Hassan Abbarci (the owner, the father).
All companies were registered in Sudan in full compliance with Sudanese companies’ ordinance (1925).




Our Values

  • Quality is our priority.
  • Sustainability is our approach.
  • Integration and comprehensiveness are our reality.
  • Innovation is our way.
  • Leadership and community service are our endeavors.
Unique expertise

Our Objectives

  • Keep abreast of the changing developmental needs of the markets to identify appropriate investment opportunities.
  • We comply with each field’s standards to ensure high-quality services.
  • We are using advanced technologies and developed mechanisms to take advantage of available resources and improve efficiency and productivity.
  • We are maximizing the returns of shareholders and investors to achieve common interests.
  • Commitment to serving society.